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Urban wastewater infrastructures, especially in northern Europe, are being affected by higher annual precipitation and the greater frequency of heavy precipitation events due to climate change. Rainwater that flows into combined sewer networks (CSN) is entering more quickly and at greater volumes into the wastewater infrastructures that are unable to treat the increased flows, leading to overflows at wastewater treatment plants with discharges of untreated sewage. The income from these untreated wastewater can have a significant environmental impact, accounting for a significant proportion of the contaminant load (BOD, N, P).
LIFE RESEAU seeks to reduce by up to 100% the discharge of untreated stormwater overflows (SWOs) in heavy precipitation areas. To do this, it will develop and validate a novel solution for retrofitting and upgrading conventional activated sludge (CAS) Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) and combined sewer networks (CSN).
The solution will be tested at 2 demo WWTP: Moaña (Spain) and Søndersø (Denmark)

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Life RECYCLO is a European project led by the company TreeWater, which specializes in the recycling of wastewater. The ambition of this project is to propose, for the laundry sector, better management of water resources and to reduce the discharge of polluting substances into the aquatic environment.

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